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Why Scarlet Rose

Why Us?

Scarlet Rose is dedicated to preserving the treasured artisan skills synonymous with handmade lingerie, that are now largely lost with other mass-produced brands. We promote works of art that celebrate feminine beauty, empowering the wearer to new heights of confidence and success. A passionate exploration of the feminine universe.

Who Are We?

Scarlet Rose, S.A. and its subsidiaries is a luxury fashion house and a leading designer, manufacturer and retailer of luxury lingerie, nightwear, swimwear and accessories.

Founded in Panama in 2012, the Scarlet Rose store and brand is renowned for its heritage and craftsmanship. Our operational headquarters are located in Panama, with our manufacturing facilities and any suppliers in Medellin, Colombia, and our distribution in Miami, Florida.

Scarlet Rose Who Are We
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Our Committment

We are dedicated to the humane side of manufacturing and committed to ensuring the non-existence of sweatshop production, modern day slavery, or human trafficking at any stage of our production or supply-chain. 

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